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Welcome to George & Lynne, and their new George and Lynne Fan Site! Original Sun Newspaper Comic Strip Artwork. Contemporary Artwork from 1980 to 2000 with Sexy Fun & Gentle Bedroom Striptease Humour! Ideal Presents for Young Modern Couples or Newlyweds.

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All Strips Sold.



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[N.B. All Strips Measure 22 inches by 6 inches, appoximately].

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When Ordering Please State the Catalogue Number and the First Few Words of any Dialogue. Thank You.

The four strips above: £15.00 each.
Catalogues 1 to 10 are now complete.
These strips are also all: £15.00 each.

All artwork sold here is guaranteed original. Every one has been published in The Sun Newspaper. The exact date of publication is not always known to better than the month and year, although some have a publication day, month and year stamped by The Sun Newspaper on the rear. They all carry a series number above the top right panel. This allows the publication date to be interpolated quite accurately for unstamped specimens .

Please email your orders to us at....

George & Lynne Share their Love and Laughter in the Nation's Best Known Bedroom! Newspaper Comic Strip Original Artwork to Suite all Tastes and Pockets. Each One a Most Wonderful Unique and Original Gift!

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